• Promote and facilitate the commercialization of university technology for the public and the university.
  • Direct research and development efforts at the university to develop products and services that improve the quality of life of people in Jordan and the world, and help create new jobs and companies and increase Jordan’s competitive advantage in international markets
  • Better economic growth through better life as a result of innovation and application of research




  • Directing the university’s output from scientific research, letters of master’s students and students’ projects to become patents or systems and products benefiting the local and international community.
  • Provide the labor market with specialized competencies capable of leadership, leadership and creativity through the use of sound planning, transfer of technology, and focus on applied scientific research.




  • Help the Jordanian economy by making products more competitive in local and global markets
  • To stimulate and develop a culture of cooperation between institutions and the university through the promotion of good practices and the creation of capacities in the field of human resources and the promotion of information and communication strategies between the university community and the local business environment.
  • Contribute to increasing student recruitment through training
  • Contribute to creating opportunities to attract additional funds for education and scientific research
  • Increase innovation, technology transfer and economic development