Hearing Hall


     At the faculty of law, there is a hearing hall equipped with the best of educational and devices including a special room for members of the court to discuss matters, This is to train students on the nature of court hearing and procedures, Achieving one of the faculty’s objectives which is to prepare its students for the market, This hall was established in 2005, The faculty of law of Al-zaytoonah University of Jordan is the first college of law in Jordan to introduce the hearing court and make effective use of it.

Faculty of Law Library


     A special library for the faculty of law has been recently established and provided with hundreds of legal books, the Bar association journal, legal journals, the Gazette and Adalah program, It has been divided into sections Private Law section and public law section, added to that, journals of the bar association, decisions of Jordanian cassation court, as well as a section for the Gazette and legal journals, Furthermore, it has been provided with six computer sets with Adalah program available in them for students to refer to under the supervision of the faculty staff.

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