The Rule of Law and Artificial Intelligence:
Challenges and Aspirations  

About The Conference : 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a tangible reality in our daily lives, as humans have been able to develop techniques that simulate its behavior and learn from data analysis. These techniques have been successfully used in a wide range of fields, including healthcare, industry, military applications, and especially in education. However, there is still a need to fully address the challenges and potential negative outcomes that can arise from the use of artificial intelligence in the legal sciences. Research and legal studies in this field remain scarce, and the effectiveness of national legislation in dealing with artificial intelligence applications and their potential effects has not yet been proven. Therefore, the conference aims to shed light on these modern technological techniques by identifying and highlighting the key applications of artificial intelligence and dealing with the resulting consequences. The conference provides an opportunity for researchers, specialists, and scientists to present scientific research and explore the prominent challenges facing artificial intelligence technologies and their prospects. There will be an opportunity to exchange knowledge and expertise and discuss relevant legal issues related to artificial intelligence. We hope that the conference contributes to enhancing the common understanding of the legal implications of artificial intelligence and its applications. We invite you to join us in this international scientific conference aimed at promoting research and scientific exchange in the field of legal sovereignty and artificial intelligence.


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The College of Law and the Dean of Student Affairs organize a meeting with the President of the Jordanian Bar Association, Yahya Abu Aboud, to discuss issues of concern to the students.

The College of Law at Al-Zaytoonah University is recognized as one of the prominent educational institutions in the field of law. It prepares students for a promising professional future centered around legal practice. Recognizing the importance of universities in developing the legal profession and preparing students for the job market, the repeated presence of the President of the Jordanian Bar Association at the College of Law aims to encourage students and provide them with guidance and advice.

The presence of the President of the Jordanian Bar Association at the College of Law at Al-Zaytoonah University serves as a manifestation of support and encouragement for students seeking to pursue their academic and practical education in the field of law. This presence involves delivering informative lectures, sharing personal and professional experiences in the field of law practice, and providing successful examples of graduates who have achieved prestigious positions in the legal field.

In addition to motivating students, the President of the Jordanian Bar Association offers valuable advice and guidance to students aspiring to have a future in the field of law.

The College of Law holds a meeting with its graduates at Al-Zaytoonah University in Jordan.

The College of Law meets with its graduates at Al-Zaytoonah University in Jordan.

The College of Law at Al-Zaytoonah University in Jordan organized a meeting with its graduates in the presence of the Dean of the College, Dr. Mohammed Ghazawi, the faculty and administrative staff, and the alumni from previous years.

Dr. Mohammed Ghazawi emphasized that since its establishment, the College of Law has been striving to enhance the efficiency of academic methods in research, teaching, and training, while achieving the highest levels of compatibility with international and local quality standards. He expressed his pride in the graduates and their reputation and competence, adding that the feedback from the alumni contributes to the development and improvement of the college’s performance, allowing it to remain one of the leading law colleges at the national and regional levels.

The meeting included presentations of success stories and experiences shared by former graduates, as well as an extensive discussion between the alumni and the faculty members regarding suggestions that contribute to the development of the educational outcomes in the college.