Faculty of Science and Information Technology



About the program / cyber security:

The department was established in 2020 and includes specialized workers in each of the following areas: networks and security, digital forensics, information security and penetration testing, and network operating systems. The department aims to prepare cadres specialized in information security and penetration. Knowledge of computer science and networking fundamentals is gained through hands-on experience in network security, cryptography, cloud security, incident response, risk management, ethical hacking, and penetration testing. To fill the need of the national, regional, and global market with a graduate specializing in information security through a dynamic program that addresses today’s pressing challenges.
Cybersecurity is an applied specialty and increases the student’s opportunity with an actual practical application, which in turn increases the student’s experience and excellence in this field. The specialization is based on the fact that computer networks and information security networks are combined with an emphasis on methods and techniques for information protection and security, both on the network and within the computer.