The Law Department council for the academic year 2014/2015 are:


N.O. Names Academic Rank Position
 1 Dr. Mohammad Khalil Abu-Baker Assistant Prof Chairman
 2 Dr. Adel Ahmad Al-Taie Associate Prof Member
 3 Dr. Hussien Ata Hamdan Associate Prof Member
 4 Dr. Ibrahim Harb Mhaisen Associate Prof Member
 5 Dr. Fayrouz Sami Amr Assistant Prof Member
 6 Dr. Ahmad Dawwod Shahrory Assistant Prof Member
 7 Dr. Muneer Mohammad Al-Ofishat Assistant Prof Member
 8 Dr. Hisham Hamed Al-Kasasbeh Assistant Prof Head of Department of Law
 9 Dr. Makram Mohammad Amireh Assistant Prof Member
 10 Mr. Suliman Hauileh Al-Zaben instructor Member
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