About the Department

Established in 2019 under its current name, the Department of Basic Sciences (Humanities and Sciences) oversees the University’s mandatory and elective courses, in addition to other degree requirements of the Faculty of Arts. These include remedial Arabic, Arabic communication skills, Arabic text analysis, Arabic grammar and morphology, writing and rhetoric, Islamic culture, Quranic studies, remedial English, English communication, intermediate English, English listening and conversation, health and wellness, environment and sustainability, pedagogy and curriculum design, Jordanian history and civics, modern Jordanian history, foundations of human civilization, leadership, social responsibility, life skills, digital literacy, introductory computer skills, innovation and entrepreneurship, first aid, introductory psychology, and introductory German.

Teaching these foundational courses across the humanities and sciences is critical, as they instill the cultural values and ethical standards that profoundly shape students’ characters. From this lens, the Department’s curriculum constitutes a holistic program of guidance and awareness capable of cultivating principled individuals who can significantly impact society today and tomorrow. The pedagogical approaches emphasize analytical strategies to elucidate perspectives on contemporary issues and historical events, shaping a philosophical framework to guide students’ development as engaged citizens.

The Department currently comprises 24 full-time faculty members who collectively publish 34 scholarly papers annually in peer-reviewed international journals. 11 members have presented research at international conferences to date .