Management Information Systems (MIS)


The Department of Management Information Systems’ academic program is designed to serve both the novice in Information Systems who wants to explore the workings of management using new technologies to maximize efficiency and competitive advantage of businesses and also the student who will make new technologies a central part of their future career endeavours.

Established in the academic year of 2000/2001, the department has contributed to the faculty of businesses at Al-Zaytoonah University as a pioneer in advancing the undergraduate education for students through training programs and practical application of new technologies to its academic program. Our students have many opportunities to engage in MIS-related problem-solving activities through learning systems and data analysis, software development, web-designing, operation and building of decision-making systems, and other skills essential for their careers beyond graduation. MIS students have many opportunities to work in leading businesses who are in demand for business analysts, systems analysts, system developers, web-designers and other Information Systems related positions.


Excellence in academic learning and scientific research within the field of information systems, and enhancement of competitiveness in the labor market.


The Department of Management Information Systems offers commitment to excellence in providing high quality education program to students in the Arab region in the field of Information Systems according to international professional and academic standards.

Strategic Goals:
  • Develop students’ skills in utilizing information to solve problems and achieve familiarity with technology resulting in better businesses’ management and leadership decision-making.
  • Build students’ knowledge in developing appropriate computer software that contribute to the reduction of time, effort and cost in completing tasks.
  • Develop students’ decision-making skills to become consistent with the modern strategic and administrative objectives of organizations.
  • Enable students’ to acquire strong skills in the application of technical knowledge areas in analysis, design, and development of corporate and strategic management operations.
  • Guide students’ in exploring and understanding methods that focus on harmonizing information technology infrastructure and enterprise systems with business processes.
  • Qualify students to meet local and regional market demand in the use and management of Information Technology in the business world.