Vision Statement:

Excellence in academic and research in the field of management information systems and enhancement of competitiveness in the labor market.

Mission Statement:

We are committed to providing a high quality educational program according to academic and professional standards to meet the needs of the labor market and enable students to manage information technology and develop applications of management information systems and business intelligence techniques and achieve sustainable development of society.

Strategic Goals:

  • Students acquire advanced knowledge and skills in fields of management information systems applications.
  • Students acquire scientific and technical knowledge in management IT departments and projects.
  • The preparation of system analysts and designers and business data analysts to serve the labor market.
  • Enhancing the scientific and research production and the various scientific activities of the teaching staff.
  • Enabling students to work as database administrators and as developers for database and business applications in the Internet

Overview  of  Department:

The department of Management Information Systems was established in the academic year 2000 / 2001. The department has 5 faculty members and teaches 164 students. The department has graduated 15 groups of alumni, with 1608 of these being bachelor degree holders. The department faculty have produced 53 texts of scientific research published in internationally renowned journals. The faculty have also participated in 36 international scientific conferences both locally and internationally.

The Most Important Accomplishments Of The Department Of Management information systems Are :

  • Continuous scientific research by faculty members
  • Implementation of quality assurance procedures

Programs Offered By The Department:

Program Name :  Management information systems

Program Outputs : Bachelor Degree in Management information systems

Department Council:






Short C.V

Detailed C.V

Dr. Enas AL-Lozi

Associate Professor

Information Systems and Computing

Head of the Department of Management information systems




Computer science


Dr. Read Al-Qirem

Associate Professor

Management Information Systems


Dr. Khaled Al- Omoosh

Associate professor

Management Information Systems


Miss Suzan Yousef


Management Information Systems