Vision Statement:

Excellence in academics and research in the field of Business Administration and enhancemet of competitiveness in the labor market.


Mission Statement:

Working according to high quality academic and professional standards leading to the supply of specialized scientific competencies to the labor market, in line with scientific and technological developments in the field of business administration and enhanced scientific research to achieve sustainable development in society


Strategic Objectives:

  • Provide students with scientific and practical knowledge in the fields of business administration
  • Upgrading the programs in the Department of Business Administration
  • Supporting scientific research production and other scientific activities of faculty members
  • Excellence in the quality assurance of graduate students
  • Deepening of the relationship with students and activating the role of guidance and orientation
  • Community service in business management


Overview of Department:

The department was established in the academic year 1995 / 1996. The department has 15 faculty members and teaches 585 students. The department has graduated 21 groups of alumni, with 21 of these being bachelor degree holders and 12 master degree holders. The department faculty have produced 80 texts of scientific research published in internationally renowned journals. The faculty have also participated in 54 international scientific conferences both locally and internationally.


The most important accomplishments of the department of business administration are:

  • Launch of a master’s program in business administration in the academic year 2005/2006
  • Continuous scientific research by faculty members
  • Implementation of quality assurance procedures


Programs Offered By The Department:

  • Bachelor Degree Business Administration
  • Master of Degree Business Administration

Program Outputs: Bachelor and Master Business Administration


Department Council: 

  Name Rank Specialization Position Short C.V Detailed C.V
  Dr.Naser A. Aboyassin Associate Professor International Management Dean
Dr. Abdul Azeez B. Alnidawy Associate Professor Human Resource Management Head of the Department of Business Administration
Prof. Saad G. Yaseen Professor Management Information Systems Department member    
Prof. Najim Aboud Najim Professor Operations and Production Department member    
Dr. Khalid Saleh Alomoush Associate Professor Management Information Systems Department member
Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Alajlouni Associate Professor Strategic Management Department member
Dr. Mahmood B. Reda Obaidi Associate Professor Operations Research Department member
Dr. Moayyad Abdel-Razzaq Faleh Al-Fawaeer Associate Professor Organizational Theory Department member
Dr. Firas Akram Al-Rifa’i Associate Professor Entrepreneurship Department member
Dr. Ahmad H. Alasaf Assistance Professor Organizational Behavior Department member
Dr. Abbas Alrawashdeh Assistance Professor Operations Research Department member
Dr. Jaser Abdulrazzaq Al-Nsor Assistance Professor Strategic Management Department member
Manal M. Abdul Rahman Lecturer Human Resource Management Department member

Boshra Meaad Ramadan

Lecturer Department member


Study Plan

Course Brief Description

Course Description