Vision Statement :

Excellence in  Academic and Scientific  Research  in the Field of Marketing and Enhancement of  Competitiveness in the Labor Market

Mission Statement :

Working according  to  Distinguished Academic  Standards   that Contribute to Preparing and Qualifying Experts  who are Capable of Offering  Development, Distinction, and Innovation in line with  the Scientific and Technological Developments in  Marketing and   Encouraging  Research  in order to Achieve  a  Sustainable Development of Society

Department  Objectives :

  • To enable students to demonstrate knowledge in various marketing areas
  • To provide students with critical thinking and solving marketing problems skills  using  different analytical techniques
  • Contributing to the preparing of qualified marketing experts   who are able to develop marketing activities at the local, regional and international levels.
  • Encouraging the scientific research for members of teaching staff and motivating them to publish research in international indexed academic journals
  • To develop methods and means of e-learning and pay attention to sources of educational technologies while adopting the latest references and equipment.
  • To improve and develop the educational process and undertaking a comprehensive teaching plan to accommodate to the needs of labor market and  environment changes.
  • To support students and motivate  them to learn, excel, research and  to contribute in  positive  interaction with their community

Overview  of  Department:

The Marketing Department was established in 1993/1994. The number of teaching staff is currently (8) teachers. The Number of students in the Department is 256 students. The Marketing Department graduated (23) bachelor degree holders and (5) Post Graduate degree holders.
During the academic year 2018/2019, the number of scientific researches of faculty members in the department is (15) published Articles in international journals.

The most important accomplishments of the Department of Marketing are:

  • Offering a master degree program in marketing starting from the academic year 2013/2014.
  • Most staff research work is published in high quality academic journals
  • Participating actively in the international annual conference of the Faculty of Business  at Al Zaytoonah University of Jordan.
  • Success in achieving an  advanced position for several sessions     based on graduate competence governmental exam
  • Continued updating of study plan, text books and curriculum to match the department’s vision and the local, regional and global changes.
  • Organizing an annual exhibition of students’ advertising projects during international annual conference of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.
  • Interaction actively with local community, governmental organizations and non-profit organizations.

Programs offered By The Department:

  • Bachelor in Marketing
  • Master in Marketing

Program Outputs  : Bachelor and Master in Marketing