Vision Statement:

Combing academic and research excellence in the field of accounting to improve our labour market competitiveness.

Mission Statement:

Following high quality academic and professional standards that contribute to preparing and qualifying expertise who are capable of offering development and innovation in the field of accounting in terms of the most recent scientific and technological developments that enhance research and achieve sustainable development in society.

Strategic Goals:

  • To qualify students in both theory and practice in the field of accounting to meet the dynamic needs of labor markets, both locally and internationally
  • To encourage students to enhance their intellectual and professional skills in different accounting areas.
  • To interact with both the public and private sectors to continuously improve the accounting programs.
  • To have a special presence at the local and international levels by contributing to the accounting profession, and strengthening scientific research.
  • To provide the students with the global awareness to become an innovative, ambitious and connected innovator who influences how the world does business.

Overview  of  Department:

The Accounting Department was founded in 1993 and started to offer a Bachelor degree in Accounting since then. The Accounting Department is considered the most important and biggest department in the Faculty of Business.
The council consists of two professors, five associate professors, ten assistant professors, and two lecturers. It includes the faculty members who have received their Ph.D. and/or Master’s degrees from distinguished universities and in different areas of accounting.
In 2013, the department started to offer a Master’s degree in Accounting. There are two-degree programs offered at the undergraduate level and one-degree program at the postgraduate level, covering a range of subject areas.
These programs are designed to provide three certificates: Bachelor in English, Bachelor in Arabic, and Master in accounting. The Accounting Department is also keen on participating in conferences organised by the Faculty and in local, regional, and international conferences.