Course Plan for Pharmacy (Bachelor Program) 2021-2022




Analytical Chemistry

Anatomy and Physiology (1)

Anatomy and Physiology (2)

Anatomy and Physiology Lab

Anatomy for Nurses

Biochemistry for Nurses


Biology (1)

Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics Lab

Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics

Chemistry of Natural Products

Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Biostatistics

Clinical Cases Lab

Clinical Toxicology (1)

Community Pharmacy Training (1)

Community Pharmacy Training (2)

Cosmetics Products

Dispensing Lab

Drug Delivery

Drug Discovery and Drug Design

Drug Informatics and Computational Biology

Drug Information and Health Informatics

Evidence-Based practice

Gene and Protein Therapy (1)

General Chemistry for Engineering

General Chemistry Lab (1)

General Chemistry

Gobal and Public Health in Pharmacy

Immunology (1)

Instrumental Analysis

Medicinal Chemistry (1)

Medicinal Chemistry (2) (1)

Medicinal Chemistry (3)

Medicinal Chemistry Lab

Microbiology for Nurses

Over the Counter Medicines

Pathophysiology for Nurses


Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Pharmaceutical Communication Skills (5)

Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms (1)

Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms (2)

Pharmaceutical Marketing (1)

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Lab

Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry (1)

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry (2)

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry Lab

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs

Pharmaceutical Technology (3)

Pharmaceutical Technology Lab



Pharmacology (1)

Pharmacology (2)

Pharmacology (3)

Pharmacology for Nurses

Pharmacology Lab (2)

Pharmacy Practice Lab (1)

Pharmacy Practice Lab (2)

Physical Pharmacy

Physiology for Nurses


Practical General Chemistry for Engineering

Quality Control

Selected Topics in Clinical Nutrition

Selected Topics in Microbiology

Selected Topics in Pharmaceutical Analysis

Selected Topics in Pharmaceutics

Selected Topics in Pharmacology (1)

Therapeutics (1)

Therapeutics (2)

Therapeutics (3)

Toxicology (1)

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