Vision Statement:

Excellence in academics and research in the field of Finance and Banking to enhance competitiveness in the labor market.

Mission Statement:

Working according to academic standards that contribute preparing and qualifying expertise who are capable of offering development and innovation in line with the scientific and technological developments in the Finance and Banking sciences in order to achieve sustainable development of society

Strategic Goals:

  • Providing students with high quality education according to reputed local and international programs.
  • Provide the society with skilled and trained students in the field of banking and finance.
  • Improve and develop student skills for proper decision making at the work place.
  • Teach students proper work ethics that improve their productivity.


Overview  of  Department:

The department was established in the academic year 1993 / 1994. The department has 6 faculty members and teaches 175 students. The department has graduated 18 groups of alumni, with 278 of these being bachelor degree holders . The department faculty have produced 34 texts of scientific research published in internationally renowned journals. The faculty have also participated in 6 international scientific conferences both locally and internationally.

The most important accomplishments of the Department of Banking and Finance are:

  • Reload study plan and educational resources in line and see the section of the educational process.
  • Encourage faculty on scientific research and publishing scientific journals and international conferences Court
  • Organizing a range of methodological and extracurricular activities, in order to communicate and interact with the community, government and private institutions.


Programs Offered By The Department:

Program Name: Bachelor of Banking and Finance

Program Outputs: Bachelor of Banking and Finance

Department Council:


  Name Rank Specialization Position Short C.V Detailed C.V
  Nawaf Gusin Assosiate Finance and banking Dept .finance and banking    
  Shatha abd alkaleq Assosiate Finance and banking Doctor    
  Marwan al zoubi Assistant Professor Finance and banking Doctor    
Mohammad AL Attar Assistant Professor Finance and banking Doctor    
  Ayman alsmadi Assistant Professor Finance and banking Doctor    
  Ala’a said alkahtib Master Degree in Finance & Banking Finance and banking Teacher    


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